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Антон Слич

Участвует с:
23 август 2016
Anton was born in the Urals in the beginning of 1990s. After finishing school he moved to Moscow to study liberal arts. Anton has never had any professional art training and taught himself looking at the greatest pieces of the world's heritage of fine art. First he tried his hand in making sketches and worked a lot with crayons. The change in technique and manner was inspired by the masters: Picasso converted him to oil, Michelangelo and Capella Sistina revealed the beauty of the human body, Lucien Freud helped to discover it as an instrument for exposing human nature and the drama of people's relations. Anton's works are imaginary, emotional and rich in colors. Gravity center of all the works of Anton is always a human body. He believes that it is a universal language through which every emotion, each state is capable of being expressed. One may consider that such approach limits the artist to depicting a shape of the human body, nude or clothed, in either a distorted and subjective manner or a direct and photo-lookalike one. But this is not true for Anton. To express complex ideas Anton reshapes the body or places it in unusual, surrealistic surroundings. Most of the paintings are of allegoric and visionary nature.