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Картины с тегом «nude»

«Худсовет – это интернет-магазин, где вы можете купить картину, напечатанную на холсте, в виде плаката или постера. Репродукцию можно оформить в раму со стеклом, багет с паспарту, нанести фактурный гель, придав вид ручной работы. Выберите произведение, которое вам нравится, остальное сделаем мы!»

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A Silent Observer (With His Head Caged in the Tesseract)

Anton Slich от 220 руб

Anton Slich - A Silent Observer (With His Head Caged in the Tesseract): A tesseract is a four-dimensional analog of a cube. It is to the cube as the cube is to a square. The problem is that our geometrical perception is limited to three dimensions, which leads to inability of the human mind to apperceive the tesseract. A perceptive system in all cases must be broader than a perceptible one. However, the fact that we cannot comprehend some phenomena does not mean that they do not exist. Neither does it mean that there are no creatures which can. One of such creatures is depicted in the painting. We know nothing about it, its nature, powers or intentions. All we know is that its eyes are wide open. The painting is created with oil and golden leafs. The painting was inspired by the christian theological theories, modern physics and philosophical concepts of the Lumières.
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